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weekly meals

our service is comprised of chef crafted meals, made from scratch with seasonally driven ingredients

offerings change weekly and include a variety of authentic cuisines

italian | french | indian | southern | korean | chinese | vietnamese | mexican | persian | american comfort + many more

meals come in disposable microwavable containers

there are no subscriptions or commitments

the best part is.....meals are only $10.00 each (delivery included)


orders are taken for the upcoming week

menus are e-mailed weekly on monday morning

place order with as many meals as desired

orders are closed out on tuesday at noon

delivery day and time will be coordinated by a member of our team


based on client location, delivery day will either be on sunday afternoons or monday mornings

send us a message to see what day your location falls under

menus often include

seafood, twice a week, with one being heart healthy

whole grains are used as much as possible

meals are created to deliver perfectly balanced portions, great for lunch or dinner

weekly specials are offered often

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