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sara cox

executive chef / owner

chef sara brings over 20 years experience in the culinary industry. she graduated, at the top of her class, with an associates degree in culinary arts from culinard, the culinary institute of virginia college in birmingham, alabama.  

her background is primarily in fine dining which stems from her roots in chicago, illinois and early career in birmingham, alabama and includes roles as,

- pastry chef - cafe dupont  

- executive chef - nordstrom cafe bistro

- executive chef - grey house grille

- chef instructor - le cordon bleu

- personal chef - anheuser busch family

- r&d chef  - bon appétit at washington university

with her diverse background and passion for the food service industry, chef sara leads the team to create a truly unique dining experience that is built on forming relationships, customizing menus, attention to detail and impeccable presentation.

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